Top CBSE Schools in Ahmedabad

Parents always look out for their child and they don’t like to settle for anything but the best for them. They want their child to read in a good school which not only provides proper education but also incorporates proper values in them.

cbse schools ahemdabad

Many end up making bad decisions, which ultimately affect their child’s career badly. There are certain advantages of CBSE over State Boards. CBSE syllabus emphasizes a skill-based syllabus. The focus is very high on skill development and not just content. It aims at getting children to know what to do with content.


CBSE will equip students with life skills especially creative and critical thinking skills, social skills and coping skills which will keep them in a good stead when they enter into a highly competitive environment later on. It is expected to prepare the students for life by making students physically fit, mentally alert and emotionally balanced. The students will have more time on their hands to develop their interests, hobbies and personalities. Not only that but CBSE is recognized all around the world.


Comparisons between different boards is a controversial topic . Whether a child will do well or not will boil down on the aptitude of the student. The CBSE board, however with its exam reforms is moving to a more international approach in its examination patterns and marking schemes. The board is giving a 40% weightage to formatives in every subject which ICSE/IGCSE don’t offer. The syllabus, although marginally similar to IIT and JEE examinations, lays a sound foundation for facing the IIT and JEE entrance examinations.

 Here we have a list of top CBSE schools in Ahmedabad:


Now that you have the names  of the top schools in Ahmedabad , what are you waiting for? Apply now ! 

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