Schools To Order Textbooks Directly From NCERT Portal

Time and again during our school days we have faced a lot of trouble due to the delay in the arrival of school books to the local textbook provider. We used to spend days without books , scribbling down notes in our notebooks. No matter how hard we tried to organize everything, pages would go missing and by the time the textbooks came in, we found it incredibly hard to relate the lines of the textbooks to our notes making the whole process a lot more complicated than it should be.

schools order NCERT textbooks online
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The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has come up with a permanent solution to this problem .The portal, which is being created by NCERT, will start taking orders for this year itself so that it is able to assess the total number of books it needs to publish.

Schools across the country will now be placing online orders for the textbooks that they will be needing for the following school year.

This would definitely cut down on the extra costs that parents have to incur in order to buy extra textbooks for the time when the original schoolbooks are unavailable. Also, this would ensure that the students don’t face any trouble in class due to the delay in arrival of  NCERT books.

The portal where the orders will be received is in works. This portal will allow the parents to keep a track on the movement of the books starting from placing the orders to the delivery.

“This will enable approximately 19,000 CBSE-affiliated schools to upload their requirement of NCERT textbooks. The schools will be given one month’s time to upload their requirement. The data received will allow NCERT to assess the actual requirement of its textbooks,” said the NCERT spokesperson Hemant Kumar.

This initiative is wise. It solves so many problems all at once. We shall all be looking forward to this portal and hope that it serves the purpose for which it was made.

For further details about this issue you can watch the following video:

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