Not All Exams Hurt- ICSE Will Hold Board Exams For Class 5 And 8 Students From 2018

Board Examinations will now also be held for the ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) students of classes 5 and 8 from 2018 says, council CEO Gerry Arathoon said in Kolkata on Wednesday.

It was a little disturbing to hear this for the first time as there is a lot of unwanted pressure that comes along with board exams and for little children to now face such pressure didn’t seem quite fare. However, some clarification from the council on this matter painted a better picture of the scenario.

ICSE to hold board exams for students of class 5 and class 8

“Students won’t require any additional preparations for these exams. The tests will not require them to recall lessons learnt between pre-primary and V or between VI and VIII. Rather, the test will be aptitude-based and will try to assess the ability and understanding of a student to apply the lessons learnt, solve the problems and think creatively,” The Times of India quoted Arathoon as saying.

According to Arathoon, the examinations will have no pass-fail tags. Both of them with be considered as a periodical evaluation exercise to have an idea on the progress of the students’ learning after a particular level.

The question papers for these exams will be prepared by the council and the answer sheets of one school will be evaluated by another school as done for the class 10 board exams.

“Data available through the assessment will give better support to students, give insight to parents about the performance of their children, keep a tab on the progress of the student and also help students identify career dimensions that align with their interests and academic strengths,” Arathoon was further quoted as saying.

The students will be tested on four subjects – English, mathematics, social studies and science – and the questions will be in the MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) format.

ICSE holds board exam for class 5 class 8

This system not only shall build a strong base for the children by keeping a track of their performance, but it will also succeed in keeping the syllabus for every ICSE-affiliated school uniform from nursery to class 10. This will help the council and the parents keep a better track of the academic growth of children in school. In totality, this decision does seem to promise a more stable and efficient educational development for children and this shall prove that not all exams ruin childhood. When exams are taken for the right reasons in the right manner following the right curriculum, they help students fly out with the brightest colors. The Indian education system is finally taking some right decisions.

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