The Indian Education System Is Another Name For Hypocrisy

India is supposed to be a secular country. Humans are supposed to take the right decisions. Donald Trump is in no way supposed to lead one of the greatest economies of the world. All the above statements are supposed to be a part of our happy reality, but reality is not happy , Donald Trump is still taking bad decisions in the White House and India not exactly a secular country.

The Indian History is corroded with a dozen or even more Hindu-Muslim riots. Our soil has witnessed deaths of a thousand Hindus and Muslims. Hatred, sheer vengeance and violent bias has rusted minds ever since the partition and we feel its sting even now.

Hypocrisy in the Indian Education System
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The conflicts between Hindus and Muslims is not the only problem in this country. There have been all sorts religious violence that have weakened the roots of unity among the civilians. The tales of treachery and mad killings are scattered throughout the subcontinent.

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Religious Violence is one of the prevailing problems in India destroying the essence of brotherhood and love that used to once unite all Indians. Instead of trying to raise awareness about the issue and trying to solve it Braj Bihari  Kumar, the chairperson of the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) has come up with yet another master plan. 

“Class 6 textbook of social sciences mentions Hindu-Muslim riots, caste riots… They (the writers) want to create social activists rather than students or learners. Do you think anti-Muslim riots should be taught to class 6 or 7 students? Even in class 12, they shouldn’t be taught,” – said Kumar

Hiding the issues that are tearing this country apart WILL NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM.

Teaching the students about only the sweet tales of Indian History and keeping them away from the actual reality WILL NOT CREATE  LEARNERS, this will only create A BUNCH OF IGNORANT FOLKS  who have spent their whole childhood living in a world of make belief.

How long are these students going live under that safe little rock that this stupid idea is planning to build for them?

What will happen when they step out of school and witness the truth ( THE ACTUAL UNEDITED, UNCAMOUFLAGED REALITY)?

How do we expect the youth who have practically no idea about the actual problems breaking down India to lead the country?

If the motive is to bring up children under the impression that their pretty little country have never witnessed hate or war, then I can only sit and laugh. I HAVE NEVER HEARD ANYTHING MORE BIZARRE THAN THIS. 

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Don’t be a hypocrite. Don’t hide the truth. Allow the children to face reality and inspire them to change it for the better. Keeping the young minds under protected shields WILL LEAD TO MORE TROUBLE. 

To all those in school, this is my message to you :

Religious violence in India IS a reality. An ugly, gruesome , sad story. Listen to the story, feel the pain, allow the anger to twist your head and then rise and protest. Protest against these riots, these mad killings, fight against hatred and make this world a better place to live in. 

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