Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan App Launched

Another giant leap towards digital education came with the announcement of the Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan app. Alphons Joseph Kannanthanam, Union Minister of State for Electronics and IT, launched the app in October stating that it will be used for conducting the National Science Talent Search Examination all over the country. Nearly 91,000 students from 2265 schools across the 29 states and 7 UTs are expected to participate in the first ever app-based NSTS exam.

Today, education is no fun. You carry your luggage at back, you are asked to study by heart whatever the teacher has dictated. You score 100 in all subjects. I don’t know how because you write exact vocabulary dictated by the teachers. You enter the school as brilliant students and come out as something I do not want to say”, the MoS Electronics and IT was quoted saying.

He pointed out the rather unfortunate reality of school education today where students are neither subjected to personal intellectual growth nor imbued with educational skills. This mobile app is an attempt towards testing children’s intellect and knowledge instead of scoring them on the basis of their rote-learning power. It is meant to motivate the students to open the portals of their mind and take in as much knowledge as they can while preparing for the exam. This step is expected to alleviate the practice of rote-learning and excessively pressurized studying methods.



Various centres across the country will conduct mock tests with the VVM app. The students will also get the study material and practice papers available in the app.

The examination will be conducted in two sections – junior classes which are classes 6-8 and senior classes comprising 9-12 classes. Every student will be assessed based on class-based performance. If class 6 students answer questions meant for class 8 students, then that will be used for assessing their performances”, Scientist Arvind C. Ranade said about the app-based test.

This initiative is set to give a booming impetus to learning and science among the young minds. Students will gain a lot of experience from this digital learning platform.


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