TCS Launches Ignio for IT Development

With the growing importance of technology, the efficiency of the IT sector has increased manifold. Tata Consultancy Services, renowned as one of the biggest IT service company, is competently contributing to this IT development. The company has announced the launch of ignio in Japan.


Ignio is TCS’ award – winning automation solution for IT applications. The product is a great help in easing the use and operations of IT software.

With a pre-built knowledge base, ignio is an instrumental aid for IT services. It helps in better analysis, increased proficiency, and faster decision – making in the business environment where it is employed. Ignio is the expert which bridges the gap between technology and operation teams. One of the biggest pros of the product is that it helps the enterprises in providing the best customer services without any glitch.

It is a known fact that IT operations can prove to be problematic sometimes. In order to allow clarity of usage and swift functioning, TCS has created this virtual intelligence as your 24×7 help. With this product, IT work can now be more agile and accurate without any hassle. Another great advantage of ignio is the enhanced productivity it offers to the users. Forget about getting stuck in an application when you have the ignio at your service. The product is capable of rectifying errors within minutes and facilitates improved functioning.



A benefit of this product, as pointed by the makers, is that it is already build with knowledge of IT applications. This lets ignio to start delivering in value within a short span. This artificial inteliigence technology is unlike the other products which take a long learning time to start giving results. “ignio is built to learn, resolve and protect a company’s enterprise IT infrastructure,” said Akhilesh Tripathi, Head of Global Sales for Software Products – TCS.

With the growing digitalization in the business sector, ignio is sure to do wonders. It is built as an agent to identify and resolve issues pertaining to technology. The product is expected to revolutionize the business sector IT operations with its efficient new ways.


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