NCERT Looks to Revere India’s Tradition and Culture

Remember listening to stories about the Ramayana and Mahabharata from your grandparents? Or the mythological narration about the celebration of each festival and its significance? Of course, you do. That’s the way we are all socialized right from the beginning. That’s the way our cultures and traditions are transmitted from generation to generation.

India, being the culturally multi – faceted and diverse country that it is, is the home to scores of traditions. Since the inception of this land, culture has played an obligatory role in man’s lifestyle, impacting every change and every development.

Indian culture and the traditions associated with it form an indispensable part of our society. The Indian Education system, with the aim of enhancing children’s socialization along these lines, is now taking giant leaps towards increasing school students’ knowledge about the cultural identity of the country. With a determined spirit, HRD Minister Prakash Javdekar declared the initiation of action in the same light, announcing that the National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is to start working on courses that will enlighten students about India’s tradition and culture.




Javdekar addressed the issue of widespread ignorance of India’s culture among students, who, on the other hand, are learning everything about the varied cultures of the world. His talk was focused on improving children’s understanding of their country, its historical background and its cultural identity. These steps are being taken in an attempt to revive the country’s glorious past amidst the generation which has come to forgetting everything about it, Javdekar said.

“It is necessary to know and remember the world but this does not imply that we can forget Bharat. It is necessary to understand the Bharat and its glorious past.”

The HRD Minister’s concerns are fully agreeable. A comprehensive knowledge of the traditions and culture of the society along with technical studies will balance out the students’ school curricula aptly. It is necessary for every Indian citizen to be aware of our roots, of where we come from and develop a reverence for the magnificent past that we have.

 This step by the Indian Education system is sure to benefit the students in gaining a wider and better understanding of their nation along with that of the world.



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