NCERT to Launch Curriculum for Pre-School Education

The National Council for Educational Research and Training, in a first of such move, has announced the structuring of an education curriculum for pre-school in India. The teaching design varies widely across the country due to the private ownership of most pre-schools.

As the pre-school industry grows rapidly, the NCERT is looking towards a uniform curriculum for elementary education.

Hrushikesh Senapathy, the council’s current director was quoted saying, “We are preparing a curriculum for pre-school children” during the 57th foundation day of NCERT. The government runs five pre-schools. These schools will test the curriculum first, before it comes into application for others.



Planned Curriculum for Pre-School

The curriculum design for elementary education is currently underway. It would be a two – year program, as reported by an official. “The pre-school centres are conducting researches on how much should students be taught at such a young age. What impact it has on their overall development and growth and whether techniques should be vary for different students. The cognitive and emotional aspects also have to be taken into account,” added the official.

The NCERT plans the syllabus and study material for government – run schools like Kendriya Vidyalayas. This autonomous organization is a participant in most of India’s education planning. A model curriculum for all pre-schools in the country, by such an organization, would mean standardized quality education. This curriculum is to prepare the students for class 1.



The curriculum will balance learning with playing.


Need of the Hour

Private owners have a monopoly in the pre-school sector. Due to this ownership, there are huge gaps in the kind of education that children get. Some of them learn numbers and alphabets. Some others are only playing games, singing and dancing. There should be a balance between the two sorts of activities. This curriculum is needed to curb such wide-ranging dissimilarities in elementary education.

The course will also help in getting rid of the practice of rote – learning. Most of the pre-schools promote the habit of mugging up the lessons right from the beginning. This adversely affects the children’s learning capacity and experience. Rote learning leads to a weakened thinking ability.


This plan to standardize elementary education is a welcome step for all. Children will now obtain holistic learning right from the initial years. All private pre-schools should adopt this curriculum to impart better quality education.


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