Marks Moderation System scrapped by CBSE

A major decision has been taken by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) by scrapping the moderation policy under which grace marks are given to students in exams for difficult questions.The CBSE cancelled its policy of granting grace marks to students in examinations for difficult questions. The moderation policy allowed the board to give students 15 per cent extra marks on papers that were deemed difficult. In a high-level meeting, the decision to scrap moderation policy was made. A┬áreport claimed that the number of students scoring 95 per cent and above in the Class 12 examination conducted by CBSE rose 23 times in six years– from 384 in 2008 to 8,971 in 2014.


If CBSE does not follow the policy for preparing the results, the overall and individual percentage of marks scored by CBSE students will fall. This can put them at a disadvantage in comparison to state board students. Many State school education boards are already under fire for spiking marks/grades and if CBSE decides to implement the discontinuation of marks moderation policy it will result in unfair advantage to state board students.If the states also decide to adopt the policy, then the soaring cut-offs for admission to colleges are likely to go down.


The CBSE has opined that a unilateral scrapping of the policy would put its students at a disadvantage during undergraduate admissions and considered it important that all state boards agree to it.Even though it my seem like a risky decision, the evaluations will now be done in a proper manner where the true potential of a child will come out. Just in order to maintain the pretence of high achievement, true quality of education is often compromised. This leads to a nation full of clueless individuals who overestimate their true potential. It will also give the students a chance to work harder and feel a sense of achievement rather than getting it all easily. The quality of education will increase where schools and teachers will be held accountable.The CBSE however, made it clear that students who require grace marks to clear a paper will be awarded the same.



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