JEE to remove multiple choices and opt short-answer questions

KOLKATA: The joint admission board (JAB), which conducts the IIT entrance examination, has announced that it will do away with multiple choice questions (MCQ) and instead opt for short answer type questions that require examines to key in the correct answers.

Students preparing for JEE

The announcement comes just a day after the JAB said the next IIT-JEE (Advanced) will be conducted online. JEE (Advanced) so far only had MCQs, where the correct answer had to be marked into Optical Mark Reading (OMR) sheets later evaluated by machines.



“The introduction of a computer-based test will give candidates access to keyboards. So, they will be able to provide correct answers through calculations, if necessary,” said a JAB source. “When the question pattern was multiple-choice, examines often took refuge in the process of elimination to guess the answer. Now, such opportunities will be limited,” he added.

Multiple choices
 Since there is no order about framing questions in a particular way, question-setters will be at liberty to introduce a variety of questions that challenge examines to think harder, and not just rely on techniques or memorisation to crack the questions. “Concept-based questions will increase. The question pattern is set to change,” the official explained.



 The decision to shift to a computerised testing system had been taken to eliminate printing errors and translation goof-ups that created problems for candidates and necessitated grace marks.

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