Interdisciplinary Education: The Right Future

Nuclear research can provide humankind the best options for clean energy to save the earth. But, it can also provide humankind a powerful means to wage war and exterminate the earth. The question of choice here, finds a solution in the direction in which the knowledge is imparted. A nuclear physician should be taught the values of humanity in order to avoid the latter situation.

Intermixing subjects can enhance people’s understanding of the world and create a better educational sphere. A combined study of arts, sciences, and commerce will lead to an overall growth of the individual.

Indian education system is in a dire need for an interdisciplinary approach to studies. There lies a significant connection between subjects from different streams. This connection can be used to help individuals excel in their respective occupation. A psychologist, acquainted with literature, can create wonders of therapy. A doctor, acquainted with the advantages of dance, can avoid repeating the mistakes of the past. Steve Jobs, acquainted with calligraphy, devised beautiful fonts that we use today. These are the advantageous effects of combining two or more disciplines in education.



The Dogma of Streams

Education in India, today, is divided into three rigid streams of humanities, commerce, and science. It is rigid because it is presumed and accepted that a student from humanities need not know anything about banking and a student from science need not know the geography of India. This dogma is to a level that students find it unnecessary to learn anything other than their stream.

This dogma also adversely affects the youth employment rate in India. Students graduate with a degree but without any skills which can add to a company’s productivity. There are engineers, doctors, and MBAs all over the country. But barely a fourth of them have the right qualities to get the job. This is predominantly a result of single discipline education. The education system is churning out only graduates with a degree and no actual knowledge.

The Pros of Interdisciplinary Education

If a marketing graduate is well – versed in environment science, then there will be more eco – friendly goods in the market. If a judge is versed in sociology, then there are increased chances of justice served to the right. To combine two or more disciplines is to increase the worth of education. There are several benefits to an interdisciplinary approach to education. Education then will not be just for the sake of a job but for a more holistic growth of an individual. It can lead to innovations and inventions helping society improve.


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