ICSE Pass Percentage Reduced

The ICSE and ISC school boards that operate along with the CBSE have lowered the passing marks for the 10th and 12th board examinations. The decision, announced earlier this month, came after the Inter-Board Working Group’s proposal to reduce the pass percentage in compliance with the state and central board.

The Ministry of Human Resource Development established a higher authority in the form of the Inter-Board Working Group. The group is working for the prospect of linking all the different education boards in India. It is responsible for keeping a close and strict watch at the functioning of all the boards, scrapping of the moderation policy and mishandling of marks done by certain educational institutions. The group is responsible for the dip observed in the minimum required marks in the ICSE and ISC board exams.



This step is seen as an attempt to bring parity and work towards uniformity in the state-run boards and the leading boards of CBSE and ICSE.

Before the regulation, a student had to score a minimum of 35% marks to clear the exam for class 10th. Now, the pass percentage has been reduced to 33%. A similar reduction from 40% to 35% will be observed in class 12th boards. This change will come into effect for the new academic session of 2018-19, without any changes in this year’s marking pattern.

This news comes as a relief for students as well as parents. It will reduce the students’ terror of scoring higher pass marks in the ICSE and ISC boards and will promote more enrolments in these two boards. The MHRD also seeks to ensure more equality in the marking schemes for all the boards.


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