Corruption Mortifying India’s Education System

Time and again, the Indian Education system has faced cases of shameful corruption. Degrading the education system to the lowest level, corruption has rotten the very roots of the system. Such a state is not only condemnable but also calls for a united action to bring an end to it.

A report by Forbes has ranked India as the most corrupt country in the Asia Pacific region. How badly has this corruption taken a toll on the nation’s education?

India continues to struggle with a huge amount of corruption. The country’s human resource is getting wasted as education quality continues to degenerate. It is important to address the causes for this issue and sought solutions.



Bribery at the core

There have been a multitude of cases that depict the sad state of education in India. Education has come to denote only a means of making money. This is one of the reasons for the pervasive corruption. Bribery has become a common and acceptable practice for admission in schools and colleges. Shocking cases of corruption happened in Bihar’s board results for 2 consecutive years. Illegal payments have made a fool of the education system.

From cheating to leaking question papers

Corruption is also witnessed in the recurring incidents of cheating and paper leaks. It is reprehensible that educators are willing to stoop so low as to give away the question papers in exchange for money. Cases of cheating have also made their way to the headlines quite a lot of times. This indicates at the widespread corruption, reaching people in so many ways.


Bihar 10th-grade cheating scam


Political interference

The higher education institutes have to face political interference in their functioning. Most of the universities and colleges are not autonomous, leading to political dominance. Students with connections are granted admissions at the cost of the deserving ones. This interference is severely damaging the nation’s young human resource.

Today, the education system limps to revive itself amidst such extensive corruption.

It is important for the government as well as the common folk to end this condition. Higher authorities need to take every possible measure for reducing this illegal business. The common people and the educators must understand the need for quality education and stop themselves from indulging in any such practices.


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