Cinema Halls will Display Education Media: HRD Ministry

The Human Resource Development Ministry is devising fresh ways to boost the education sector. In one of its latest move, the ministry officials have directed the use of unutilized cinema halls for education.

HRD Ministry aims to benefit both the educational institutes and the idle cinema halls through its latest move.

The Proposal

The ministry has proposed to screen education – related content in cinema halls that remain unused in small towns across the country. A multitude of reasons has contributed to the shutdown of cinema halls in various cities and towns. The government, to make the most of this situation, is planning to relay various courses through its channel – Swayam Prabha – to tier-II towns and cities with less than a lakh population. NASSCOM, a branch of the IT industry, initiated this plan.

Potential Benefits

An HRD official said in the announcement of the plan, ““The unutilized potential of several thousand cinema theatres spread across the country can be tapped through this simple measure. Educational content can be screened between 7 am and 11 am or school timings of the concerned area.” The viewing is also possible on weekends and holidays for full days.

Education through cinema halls will ensure a wider reach, especially in the smaller towns. The prospect of learning via a movie or video clips will also attract students to participate more. Moreover, it will help in improving the quality as well as the uniformity of education provided to the students across the country. The project holds promising impacts, primarily for the higher secondary students.


Educational content can be screened between 7 am and 11 am or school timings of the concerned area, an official said.


The proposal is in its planning mode currently. The ministry is intending to launch it at the earliest to bring about a positive change in the education system.

Future Planning

The ministry has previously launched 32 channels for aiding higher secondary students. These channels also help students to prepare for the IIT entrance exam. Swayam Prabha, the channel in consideration for this plan, was launched last year. The work is still underway for the project’s funding.


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