CBSE shock continues-when website marks differs from marks in hand.

Students in shock

BHUBANESHWAR: Subhashree Biswabandita Sahu got shock of her life on Monday when she collected her class XII mark sheet from the school. On May 29 she had seen her marks on the official website of CBSE as 95 in English, 93 in Maths, 95 in Physics and 95 in Chemistry. But the marks she got on her mark sheet read as 81 in English, 10 in Maths, 35 in Physics and 36 in Chemistry. When she approached the CBSE regional office, the officer (in-charge) of CBSE officer Manish Agrawal said that after receiving the complaint from the student they checked her answer books and found that the marks in her original mark sheet are accurate and those on the website were wrong.

“We are stunned by seeing her mark sheet. How can the marks change like this?” said her father Sudhansu Sekhar Sahu.

“With such shocking blunders people will lose faith in the education system and also on CBSE. They are playing with career of the students,” said Vidya Sahu, mother of the student.

Having no other option left Sahu has been planning to move to court against the discrepancy of marks. However, the mark sheet downloaded from the website has written at the bottom that “Neither NIC nor CBSE is responsible for any inadvertent error that may have crept in the results published on NET. The results published on net are for immediate information to the examiners. These cannot be treated as original mark sheets. Original mark sheet have been issued by the board separately.”

Following alleged discrepancy in marks in class XII results of several students in Bhubaneswar region comprising students of Odisha, West Bengal and Chattisgarh, the Orissa High Court has asked CBSE to re-evaluate answer sheets of 177 students. The board has done away with the revaluation of answer sheets from 2016.


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