Assessing Teacher Education Institutes with TeachR Framework

With the growing number of schools in every part of the country, the need to spread education isn’t the real problem anymore. The real problem is the need to bring quality in that quantitatively sufficient education.

The World Bank has declared that there is a situation of educational crisis in India. There is n number of schools and colleges with a good number of students enrolled. But there is no real learning imparted in these institutions. The increasing corruption and greed in the profession of teaching have clearly disarrayed the students from the right path to knowledge. This simply means that schooling and learning cannot be and are not synonymous.



Teacher Education Institutes (TEIs) assess the quality of teaching provided by those involved in the profession. The ineffectiveness of these institutes in fulfilling their roles and the lack of a framework has been a major drawback to this concept. This adversely affects the students and the parents’ choice to take admission in an institution. Out-dated and wrongly reported data is not only misleading but also dangerous to the present education system.

TeachR Framework

The National Council for Teacher Education, as a corollary to this increasingly intensifying situation, has decided to launch TeachR – a framework to assess the performance of TEIs effectively. The Framework will assess TEIs on the following criteria:

  • Physical assets
  • Academic assets
  • Teacher and Learning quality
  • Learning outcomes

The framework is set to come into effect from March 2018 i.e. with the upcoming session. The NCTE will conduct a pilot test for this framework in December.


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