5 trends in education to watch out for in 2018

As the current year moves towards its end, the coming year brings on new possibilities and trends. The year 2018 seems as exciting for the education industry as was 2017. Some great innovations and advancements are to make their mark in the coming year. Let us take a look at 5 of the most popular trends in education for 2018.

App-based learning

A massive growth in the mobile technology has shrunken the world between two hands. Apps have become and are becoming increasingly popular in every field, from business to education. Moreover, as the latter moves towards digitization, there is a great impetus for app-based learning. A number of innovative start-ups such as KG2PRO are also offering tuition services via an app. This is emerging as a major trend for the oncoming year.

Assessment techniques

The education industry is coming up with new and different assessment techniques to help the students as well as teachers for better outcomes. New modes of taking tests and checking home assignments are coming up to help the teachers assess their teaching skills and help the students to assess their performances effectively. Theory-based exams are also being replaced by online exams which are evaluated digitally. These innovative methods and modes of learning and evaluation are the newest trend for 2018.



Interactive education

A changed framework for learning is emerging in many school curriculums. This framework promotes education as a multi-interactive process. There is communication between teachers, students, environment, and technology. Many new apps and techniques such as gamification are a part of this trend. Apps such as Kahoot are used to involve students into group-based quizzes and educational activities such as group discussions. Gamification is a new technique that imparts learning via games.

Maker space

An amazing innovation for the coming year is the concept of maker space. It is a space which includes a collaboration of laboratories, craft stations, computers, and art rooms. This concept promotes the spirit of creation rather consumption of education. It promotes and enhances creativity through the essential step of experimentation. Maker spaces combine various skill sets into one and beget an intriguing course for studies. It provides hands-on experience and brings forth a student’s potential inclination towards a particular field.


Key developments in the e-learning field have made the concept of self-learning a major trend for 2018. There are several incentives available to both students and teachers to be a part of a quid pro quo relationship on the internet. Online educational platforms such as KG2PRO provide these opportunities through an easy and quick process. Students can get access to tutorials and tuitions for learning a skill or a subject from anywhere in the world. Teachers can share their valuable knowledge from anywhere in the world.

These are some of the major trends that are emerging in 2018. It indicates at the facelift education is set to achieve in the coming year.



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