13 fake Class X,XII certificates detected by Punjab School Education Board

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MOHALI: This year, Punjab School Education Board received 13 cases of certificate fraud and tampering. The records detection department of Punjab School Education Board (PSEB), on average, reports 15 cases of bogus matriculation and senior secondary certificates submitted by applicants every year.

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These cases involve applicants who submit fake Class X and XII certificates while applying for or joining jobs. The 13 certificates rejected by PSEB this year were sent for verification from various departments like police, northern railways, Punjab Roadways, Pepsu Roadways, Commando Battalion, government schools and other institutes. After detecting the fraud, the board recommends legal action to the department which sought verification, said Balbir Singh Dhol, chairman, PSEB.

“We get certificates for verification from various departments where an applicant has applied for jobs. Many such certificates are found to be fake. The board tags them as ‘bogus’ and sends a reply to the department. In cases of certificate verification, the board only recommends legal action to the department which sent the paper for verification. But in cases of certificate tampering, the board gets an FIR registered against the offender,” said Dhol.

According to PSEB records, the board received only two cases of certificate tampering for date of birth. PSEB reported the matter to the police and got an FIR registered against the two accused, the chairman said.

While PSEB detected 13 cases of bogus certificates in 2017, in 2016, the board detected 14 such cases. In 2015, there were 11 cases, in 2014 there were 16 cases and in 2013, 18 cases were reported.

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