Tips for Average Students to Get Good Marks in 12th Boards

The approaching 12th boards are considered as one of the most challenging periods in a student’s life. The heavy expectations from parents and family add to the enormous pressure burdening the students’’ minds. In a scary situation like this, it can be very difficult for an average or a below average student to perform up to one’s calibre.

Here are some tips to help average students cope with the stress and perform well in 12th boards.

Preparing a Strategy

The one most important and quintessential step for boards preparation is right strategy development. A daily study schedule is the most helpful in these preparations. It is imperative for you to process your strengths and weaknesses beforehand. Then, plan about a strategy that will help you study all the subjects contributing the right amount of time to each one of them. For instance, the subject you’re the weakest in has to be studied daily. You can take on one subject for one week along with that daily subject. The chapters in all the subjects have to be studied according to the marking scheme.


Making a strategy can be easy; following it to the core is not. The next crucial step in the preparation is to review your performance according to the strategy and the schedule. This requires consistent practice tests taken under the supervision or check of a second person. Download previous years’ question papers or make chapter-wise questions to assess your performance in a particular subject. This self-review should be an eye-opener to your preparations and has to be done with all certainty. It will help you to make changes in your schedule for the subjects that require revision.






The key to getting the best marks in 12th boards (or any other exam for that matter) is as much revision as possible. Every subject, irrespective of the theoretical and practical aspect of it, requires revision. You need to keep out a suitable amount of time for every subject to revise the entire course once. The more you revise, the better you can perform. A significant aspect of your schedule should be the period of revision for every subject, tough or easy. Revision is, however, not to be confused with last moment preparation. It is important to note that revision has to be done a good time before the exam and every last minute learning should be avoided.



Right Direction to Study

An important tip for performing well in exams is to acquire the right direction to study. Do not waste time in preparing the topics you are either well-versed in or cannot study at all. Make a list of such topics for every subject and make sure that you clarify your stance on them before starting your full-fledged practice.

The importance attached to the 12th boards can make it tough for the students to cope with the weight of good performance. Even if you are an average student, there is no force which can bring you down from your best performance.



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