7 Things to Consider While Selecting a School for your Child

The most basic and vital educational experience for a child begins at school. Considering the significance attached to education in the present – day society, parents, today, focus on prudently choosing their children’s school. There are a variety of aspects to take into account to make the right choice of school. Here is a detailed analysis of seven main factors to consider while deciding on a school for a child.

What is the cost of schooling?

The foremost and key factor to think about is the cost involved. Schools fall under different categories on the basis of their admission fees and expenditure involved. Parents should shortlist schools that fall within their budget. This is the first decision to be made in order to move forward with the selection process. Cost of admission, conveyance, and child’s social life is to be considered.

What is the type of school?

There are various types of schools on the basis of ownership, gender, curriculum, etc. An important factor that impacts the selection of a child’s school is the type of institution you wish to enrol him/her in. There are government schools and those owned by private groups. Then, there are co-ed, all girls’, and all boys’ schools to choose from. The curriculum also varies from school to school. This decision is to be made entirely of the parents’ preferences or the children’s choices.

What is the location of the school?

One of the major features to look for in a child’s school is the suitability of its location. It must be kept in mind that the location should not affect the kid’s health. At the same time, conveyance and its mode also depend on the school’s position. Parents also have the choice of searching for schools in urban and rural areas. Another significant impact of a suitable location is the kind of crowd found in the institutions.

What is the kind of interaction between students and teachers?

Before admitting a child into any institution, it is imperative to check upon the kind and quality of student-teacher interaction. The ratio between students and teachers affects this interaction. Parents should necessarily find information about the quality of relationships between the students with the teachers to fix upon an institution. This gives an idea about the school’s environment.



What is the size of the school?

Another factor to think about while looking for a suitable school is its size. Mostly, parents find it adverse for their child to study in a high population school. In such cases, preference is for institutes of a smaller size focusing on the individual better. On the other hand, it is found that parents prefer sending their children to large schools considering the infrastructure and social life.

What is the safety level of the institute?

A shocking number of crimes are happening at educational institutions, making safety a vital aspect for consideration. Parents should definitely check upon the school’s safety requirements and related reputation.

What is the result reputation of the school?

The last and ultimate factor impacting this selection is the kind of result the school offers. Any parents’ definitive desire from a school is their child’s good result. They should consider going through the institute’s past records in terms of exam results.


Selecting the perfect for a child can be a difficult decision. But, with these important factors as listed above, parents can easily come to the best choice for their child.


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