Teaching: 21st Century Degeneration of a Noble Profession

We live in a country which has an age-old custom of paying respects and gratitude to teachers on Guru Poornima and which celebrates the profession of teaching on national teachers’ day. Concurrently, we live in a country where education has become a gloomy market and teachers are its hungry merchants.


India boasts of great visionaries since ages. All of these intellectual geniuses aimed at empowering the role of teachers in the lives of students and the society. Tragically, what the 21st – century has come to represent is no less than a nightmare for these great men and women. The gradual change in the profession of teaching is not only degenerating but also reprehensible.

On this widely celebrated occasion of Teachers’ Day, let us consider the hypocrisy teaching as a profession has come to stand for.

Teaching as a Market

There is an ever – increasing greed for money and the corresponding profitability of the Indian education setup has led to the creation of a huge market inside the education system. Private schools are cropping up at every nook and corner of the country. N number of coaching classes for every career exam exists in every town, every city. Tuitions have become more commonplace than ever. Online education has become a supposed necessity.

If a child has to attend tuitions and take online notes after studying at school, then this poses a direct question mark to the teachers’ ability of teaching?

All of these factors collectively point to the distressing fact that teaching has become nothing more than a money-making business. A child’s education is no longer the main objective for a teacher, making easy capital is.

Broken Student-Teacher Relationship

Education, in the bygone years, meant a healthy and respectful relationship between the students and the teacher. For the teachers, it was a means of inspiring young minds to their best potential. For this very reason, teachers were respected and worshipped as a manifestation of God. But, these notions have utterly failed in today’s society. The growing materialism in the profession of teaching has deteriorated the core values associated with it. A student – teacher relationship, once reflective of a devotee – god commitment, today, has turned into a mere burden for both the parties.

There are disrespect and callousness on both the sides. The student – teacher relationship is more broken today than even before.

Catalyst of Corruption

Teaching is one of those sectors which involve a great deal of corruption. The profession has turned so ignoble in the 21st – century that teachers feel no hesitation in turning to illegal activities. There is open acceptance of bribery, leaking of papers, unfair marking, and so many cases of illicit actions. This paints an image of the degree of iniquity that prevails in the teaching profession today. Teaching as a catalyst of corruption is the reality of the Indian education system.


With the course of time, this dishonorable side of teaching will overpower the moral side completely. Unless, there comes a revolution in the profession of teaching, opening the eyes, ears, and minds of these professionals to their real job of nurturing the country’s future. A noble profession as that of teaching, which lies shattered on the ground, shall revive itself through dedicated effort.


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