How to Study and Ace Mathematics?

Mathematics is synonymous with dread and anxiety for school students. It has a stereotypical image of not only a hard-to-score subject but also a difficult one. While these facts are somewhat true, taking them at face value is wrong. All the students have to remember that dedication towards anything leads to wonders. A hardworking mind can break these obstacles and score very good marks in Mathematics.

Here are some tips to study and gain good marks in Maths:


Students mainly face struggle during the preparation phase. The foremost thing to remember is that you have to start on time. Every individual’s potential differs and one has to start keeping in mind the accurate time one will require to finish the preparations. Some other important factors to consider are:

  • Theorems and formulae: One of the toughest things in Mathematics is to keep a proper track of the multitude of theorems and formulae for every topic. An easy to do this is by properly maintaining a separate notebook for these, which can be referred to during exams and preparations.
  • Practise daily: The principal key to becoming a pro at Mathematics is practice. Most school students prefer to go to tuitions for this. However, it should be kept in mind that practice can be done on one’s own as well. The rule for practising Maths is “quality over quantity”. Studying without any intent or interest for 1 hour is nothing in comparison to studying for 10 minutes with full attention.
  • Address your problems and weaknesses: It is imperative for all the students to give the right amount of time to every problem they face in every topic. They should get it solved by your teachers or any other help. A separate notebook can be maintained for jotting down the problems as well.
  • Practice papers: A most crucial way of preparing for the exam is through practice papers. Practice papers give you the right idea of the kind of questions and the difficulty level. You will also gain the right confidence and assurance of solving question papers.



Exam time

After the preparations are done, there is a different planning required for the exam. The students have to keep the following things in mind while appearing in the exam:

  • Time management: Solving question papers will give you an idea of how to approach the question paper. You can plan your way through the different sections of the paper and work on the time effectively.
  • Neat presentation: For Mathematics, you have to make sure that the questions are neatly attempted. It is recommended to use the last sheet of the answer booklet for all the rough work. Even if you solve a question wrongly, you can cross the page with pencil and move on to the next page.
  • Finish familiar questions: The most suitable manner to solve the paper is by attempting the questions which are familiar to you. Those which look hard to solve can be attempted at the last.
  • Revise: In Mathematics, most students commit the grave mistake of carelessness. Silly mistakes take away most of the marks and it is important that the students revise their answers as many times as possible.

With these tips, Maths will no longer be a nightmare and you can ace your exam if you follow them.



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