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Studying abroad in the U.S. can mean learning about any number of possible disciplines in about any surrounding. Study in the mountains, a big city, small town, along the coast, or in a desert all while also learning English.

Students abroad in USA

Reasons for studying in America

The desire to immerse yourself in American culture, use of the latest innovative technology, myriad research opportunities, academic excellence, extensive variety of study programs, and gaining unparalleled work experience in your field of study.

A principal advantage of studying abroad in America is the potential for learning the nuances of the English language. You may find that you want to enroll in an intensive language program in conjunction with your study program in the USA if you are not fluent in English. Even if you don’t have immediate plans to utilize the English language after you graduate, the skill may prove beneficial in the future.

Study abroad in Trump age America


Education system

The quality of education is one of the best and there are countless opportunities for students to pursue whichever course they choose to study in the United States. Requirements for admission depends on each university and type of program, but in general, to pursue higher education in the US, students must have graduated from secondary school. International students will also be required to show proof that they have a solid comprehension of the English language.

Earning a degree from an American university may boost your professional opportunities.

If English is not for your first language, most universities require that you complete a TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or IELTS (International English Language Testing System) test to prove your English skills.

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Engineering Colleges in abroad

  1. Bishop’s University, Sherbrooke, Canada
    Bsc in Computer Science-
    1st Year Total Fees: Rs 15.4 Lakhs
    Eligibility: IELTS: 6.5; TOEFL: 90
  2. Dakota State University, Madison, USA 
    Computer Science (BS)
    1st Year Total Fees: Rs 13.8 Lakhs
    Eligibility: IELTS: 6; TOEFL: 71
  3. University of Kentucky, Lexington, USA
    B.S Mechanical Engineering
    1st Year Total Fees: Rs 27.2 Lakhs
    Eligibility: IELTS: 6; TOEFL: 71

Bachelors of Medicine Colleges in abroad

  1. Davao Medical School Foundation, Davao City, Philippines
    Doctor of Medicine
    1st Year Total Fees: Rs 2.5 Lakhs
    Eligibility: IELTS Accepted  (IELTS is accepted but exact exam score is not published by the college)
  2. University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
    Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS)
    1st Year Total Fees: Rs 29.5 Lakhs
    Eligibility: IELTS: 6.5; TOEFL: 86

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Developing global awareness with study abroad programs 

During a summer, semester, or full-year program study program in the USA, you may have the opportunity to improve your comprehension of the English language dramatically through classroom experience and daily life with a host family. Host families may be located in a variety of areas across the country depending on the where you choose to study. Living with a host family when you are studying abroad in the United States helps you to immerse fully yourself in American society and become intimate with its unique culture. You might discover that it’s more familiar than you might anticipate. During your classes, you may have the chance to expand your global awareness by meeting other students from all over the world.

If I am elected president, the Indian and Hindu community will have a big friend in the White House. So, despite immense speculation about the impact of Trump’s victory on Indians studying and even seeking jobs in the US, I personally feel there is no reason to worry –  Donald Trump

Featured program


Location: Honolulu, United States
Program Type: Study Abroad
Degree Level: Undergraduate
Term: Summer

Program Overview

Program Description:
There are many reasons to study abroad in Hawaii for a summer, but here are a few of the key highlights that make this program unique. Diverse student body from all over the world Campus located near beaches, rainforests, volcanoes, and national parks Delicious Pacific Rim, Asian-inspired cuisine Live next to world-class beaches Unique blend of language, ethnicities, cultures, music, and food Cultural hot spot of Hawaii with movies, museums, concerts, comedy, and theater all nearby World-class academics with large variety of courses available Island orientation—local tour and Welcome Luau Two cultural excursions/cultural trips around Oahu Full-time tuition and fees Housing CISabroad support services before, during, & after the program Academic advising Financial aid counseling Assistance with travel arrangements Predeparture orientation Airport pickup On-site Support Student Union fees Hawaii Pacific University official transcript Carbon offset of travel & Green Travel Guide.
Cost: Please see the website for information on program costs.

For more information you can visit the website- CISabroad- Summer in Hawaii



School of Visual Arts:

Location: Washington, United States
Program Type: Study Abroad
Degree Level: Undergraduate
Term: Summer

Program Overview

Program Description:
Writing is shared and critiqued in daily onsite workshops. Guest authors talk about their work; musicians guide you in reading your pieces with breath and rhythm and in collaborating with other art forms. Tours of the Taos Pueblo, Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, residential earthships, Taos Modern School of painting, and local museums and galleries serve as writing prompts. Activities also include a day-trip to art-mecca Santa Fe, and studio time with a local photographer and potter. Rafting, mountain biking and hiking, and the farmer’s market are among things to do on weekend free time. A performance caps the course, when you present your project, accompanied by live music. Creative writing can be ignited by new horizons, and sharing it with an audience can reach another level when multimedia elements are added. In this intensive two-week creative writing course, students compose pieces inspired by the raw beauty and rich multiculturalism of Taos, New Mexico. Learn how to give flight to your words by combining them with multimedia elements (photos, collage, drawing, music) for a final presentation. Writing will be explored and critiqued in diverse workshop settings. Trips to local museums and galleries, natural landmarks and other sites of interest will serve as writing prompts. Local guest authors and musicians will discuss their creative process with words and multimedia, helping participants to sharpen their ear for language and sound. A performance will cap the course with excerpts from students’ theme-based portfolios, accompanied by live music.
$3500.00 Tuition includes accommodations, welcome and farewell dinners, daily full breakfast, local transportation, guided tours and site visits.

For more information visit the website- Writing in the land of enchantment in Taos, New Mexico



Georgetown University

Georgetown University:

Location: Washington, United States
Program Type: Study Abroad
Degree Level: Undergraduate
Term: Summer

Program Overview

Program Description:
Spend your summer living and learning in the heart of Washington, D.C., at Georgetown University. Featuring more than 250 graduate and undergraduate courses, Georgetown Summer School makes it easy for you to explore your interests, fulfill course requirements, or get ahead on your studies. Experience all that Georgetown has to offer this summer. Georgetown Summer School offers an enriching educational experience in the heart of the nation’s capital. Spend your summer learning from world-renowned faculty, attending classes with peers from around the country, and earning credit from one of the world’s leading academic institutions.
Cost: Please see the website for information on program costs.

For more information you can visit the website- Georgetown University, Summer session



Students at program

Campus Education:

Location: San Francisco, United States
Program Type: Study Abroad
Degree Level: Undergraduate
Term: Academic Year, Rolling Starts, Year Round

Program Overview

Program Description:
Located conveniently in the heart of downtown San Francisco, Campus Education offers a unique and top quality English program in a global and small classroom setting. We offer General English, Intensive TOEFL program, semi/private lessons, professional language practice program and night program catered to each student’s needs. Excellent support service by multilingual counselors providing academic advising for students interested in transferring to major universities, assistance with visas and career advising. Individual attention in a small classroom setting, diverse campus consisting of students from 20 countries and superb support service that will ensure your academic success here in San Francisco.



Ameritas College:

Location: Los Angeles, United States; Irvine, United States; San Diego, United States; Long Beach, United States; Orange, United States; Riverside, United States; Ottawa, Canada
Program Type: Study Abroad
Degree Level: Undergraduate
Term: Academic Year, Fall Semester, Rolling Starts, Spring Semester, Winter Semester
  1. Program Overview
Program Description:
The BACJ degree program utilizes the subject matter expertise from criminal justice, social science, sociology, political science, and organizational leadership. The course offerings provide adult learners the requisite tools to quickly become valuable and valued members of both public and private sector organizations, possessing effective communication skills, analytical problem-solving skills, strong ethical principles, and both a practical and theoretical understanding of organizational dynamics. The graduates from the Ameritas College Bachelor in Criminal Justice complete the concentration in Homeland Security. Program Learning Outcomes: Legal System: Demonstrate an understanding of the legal system, including where and how the system of criminal justice and its actors fit within it. Theory: Apply basic criminological and sociological theories to various criminal and deviant behaviors. Ethics: Demonstrate an understanding of various ethical and legal dilemmas that typically confront criminal justice professionals whether employed domestically or internationally. Pressures: Demonstrate an understanding of the pressures that diverse, social, cultural, economic and political actors have exerted, and continue to exert, on criminal justice systems, both domestically and internationally. Research: Evaluate published research pertaining to a criminal justice issue, trend, or practice.
Cost: Financial aid available. $500/unit

Hollywood Dance Camp:

Location: Los Angeles, United States
Program Type: Study Abroad
Degree Level: Undergraduate
Term: Summer, Year Round

Program Overview

Program Description:
Unlimited dance classes at Hollywood’s most famous dance studios (Millennium, Debbie Reynolds, the Edge) Dance style classes include: Contemporary- Hip-Hop, Jazz funk, House, Break dance, Heels, Step/stroll, Burlesque, Krumping, Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Locking, Salsa, Latin Groove, Popping, Pumps, Freestyle, Breaking, Step, Belly Dance and much more – Special masterclasses – Seminars on “how to make it in Hollywood” – Accommodation in sunny California with breakfast – Sightseeing activities – Beach day Santa Monica – Shop till you drop in Beverly hills – Fun activities such as hiking, Hollywood walk of fame, Hollywood Sign etc – Transportation from and to LAX airport – Nights out on town – Universal Studios trip – Making friends for life! – And much much more….!
Setting Description: North Hollywood, California
Cost: 7,14,21 day program starting at $2,199

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