Should struggling students repeat a year?

The efforts carried to bolster the educational standards have inadvertently taken a toll on a significant number of students who are staring at the chance of repeating a year at the same grade as they have not been able to secure the minimum test scores that is needed for promotion.

Students with their study materials

In the present educational system, test scores determine the success or failure of a student instead of a holistic and well-rounded education. In this scenario, the only yardstick of a student’s worth becomes a certain grade he secures, regardless of the means he might have used to get the grades, fair or otherwise.

Schools and educational institutes consider retention for students when they are slow for their age; are unable to secure a minimum test score for getting promoted; and fail to improve their performance in math, science, and languages.



However, retaining a student in the same grade for an academic year has been proven to be counterproductive. A study conducted by the National Association of School Psychologists in 2003 has found out that a majority of students who are made to repeat a grade have poorer academic achievement compared with other students. The study also cited that the academic achievements for a handful of students last for a short period of time and eventually leave them worse than they were.


It increases attrition and dropouts

When the retained students no longer feel at home at their schools they tend to take drastic step such as dropping out of their school and not pursuing education. The students who are made to repeat a grade find it much more convenient to dropout instead of facing the humiliation and disgrace day in and day out.

It decreases the prospects of a promising career for retained students

Students who are made to repeat his grade will have low-self esteem, behavioral problems, indifference, troubled relationships with tutors and peers, and seek smallest chances to avoid school. In this scenario, it can become very difficult for them to love education whole-heartedly and think of building a career.

It can damage their chance of living up to their potential

Not every student is equal, nor can a test score decide their future as each one of them is meant to do their own things and become successful in that. Retaining students on the basis of a certain test score takes away their chance of living up to their full potential as full grown adults. The trauma and the emotional scars does not last for a year or two, rather it stays for the rest of their lives.

Huge number of books to study

It makes the retained students vulnerable to bullying and abuse

The retained students can become an easy target for some unruly students and can be subjected to bullying and both physical and psychological torture. Their behavioral problems also alienate them from their teachers and peers, which makes it easier for bullies to harass them and get away with it.


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