Six techniques to pen a killer resume.

“Summary statement” essentially consists of a few pithy and strong statements at the beginning of your resume that help summarize your skills and experience in order for a prospective employer to quickly get a sense of the value you could offer.

A perfect writing of a summary statement can decide your success ahead in life and even shatter all your dreams that you wish to come true someday. Your resume is a very important document that you will ever own. If the resume works, you work; if it does not, you don’t.



Here are six clever tips of writing a killer resume for all those who are struggling to write one.

  1. Start with a hook: As it is mentioned above how much the summary statement is important, it puts a feeling of negative/positive in the mind of the reader. So it should be written with great care. The summary statement give you a chance to bag the reader’s attention at the very first attempt.
  2. Focus on strong points: Many job applicants tend to write long explanations for fear of leaving out some important detail. It is beneficial to be direct and to the point in their explanations. Remember, your application has limited amount of time to grab a recruiter’s attention and leave a lasting impression. So you need to boost your career profile within 3-4 line in the best way that you can. To make it more captivating, your summary statement has to be more accurate to your skills.
  3. Be fit yourself in the job: Remember that there are many who are standing in the same track with you. Among whom your summary must be the most attractive one that must grab the attention of your manager. Yor summary must match with the required requirements mentioned in the job description.  You should come out to be the best crafted person for the required position.
  4. Position Yourself as a Candidate: To make your position much more secure, you must have a distinguished skill in the summary from the others that will make you more reconcilable. A good summary statement serves the purpose of highlighting your selling points.
  5. Be Direct: As a summary statement demands exactly what and how much you can give to an organization, it must be direct. You must be direct about your ability and potency that you can provide to the company.
  6. No Clutter: A summary statement is very small to include any kind of clutters in it. It involves writing highlights of your career with minimum words and maximum impact.


A good summary statement decides your job life ahead. Hope this six points help you to prepare a killer resume.


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