Mumbai University Gets Green Flag for Online Assessment

A major sheet-checking scam was unveiled in the Mumbai University earlier this year wherein students tampered with their answer sheets after the exams were done. The teachers were bribed to allow this ill-practice under their watch. In order to rescue the system from such problems, the University of Mumbai, for its summer semester this year, experimented with the checking and evaluation process. It brought in the digitised Centralised Assessment Process (CAP). Ill-prepared as the plan was, the system failed to provide benefits to both the teachers and the student community.

Many students and teachers together protested against the on-screen marking (OSM) pattern implemented by the MU administration. The system miscalculated marks and there emerged a multitude of cases of improper marking. This case was taken to the High Court to address the huge glitches in the process.






Bombay HC’s Verdict

The Bombay High Court, in a recent hearing of the case, gave an agreed nod to the Mumbai University on the subject of OSM. It presented another chance to the varsity administration on the basis that the university will work its full force in implementing this system efficiently.

Earlier the university went on to introduce the system without doing proper homework. But now we are informed by the state government that the glitches have been identified and remedial measures have been undertaken,” a division bench of Justices BR Gavai and Manish Pitale said.



It is imperative to note that the students had greatly suffered in their results due to this checking process. At the same time, teachers and the college functioning was also hampered greatly due to the time-consuming procedure of CAP. Many teachers from a single institution had to be on duty for days thereby, disrupting the routine working of the college. The University has convinced the student and teacher community about the solution to these problems in an improved process of OSM.

“After discussing all the pros and cons, it was decided that the Mumbai University is a premier university, the OSM system shall be continued for the second half of the examinations of this year too. All issues will be resolved before the commencement of the exams,” the affidavit said.



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