IIIT Delhi to Start a Course on Artificial Intelligence

The session 2018 will witness a new M.Tech specialization in artificial intelligence at the Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology. The programme will be launched at Infosys Centre for Artificial Intelligence and it will advertise for the programme in March-April.

The programme, considered to be the first of its kind in the city, will prepare students to work in the industry as well as pursue further research in the subject. The fee structure will be the same as for other courses. The Infosys Centre for Artificial Intelligence was set up in 2016 in partnership with Infosys, which gave a grant of Rs 24 crore. It comprises 12 faculty members.



Artificial Intelligence has emerged to be one of the top skills in-demand in today’s professional world. A specialization course in this subject will not only enhance your career prospects but also make you adept in the field of technology. The course will start with about 20 students in a batch and will stretch to 4 semesters. It will focus on the essential tech skills of machine learning and data science. It is a research-oriented programme and will provide a foundation as well as advanced level knowledge in the field.

Usually, our experience is that it takes four semesters for students to complete the course, but it can also be finished in three semesters. We’re planning to take in only 20 students right now. But depending on how the course is received, we will decide further,” said Mayank Vatsa, head of the Infosys Centre for Artificial Intelligence.

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