Global Partnership Summit: Incentive for Modern Education

India Center Foundation is a non-profit and non-partisan organization which is working determinedly for India’s nation-building processes. The organization has developed an initiative between Indian and Japan that is the Global Partnership Summit. The first edition of this summit was successfully hosted in Tokyo back in 2011. This year, India is hosting the second edition from 15 to 18 December in Noida.

The summit witnessed a large group of intelligentsia including corporate giants, policy makers, education leaders, and many more dignitaries from both the countries. The summit is a huge platform for development and growth in various aspects of the society.



One of the sessions in the event was “Disrupting Learning: Alternative Education”. The session, filled with the presence of education experts and leaders, witnessed a thorough discussion on the modern needs of the education system. The central focus of the session was the development of online education and its consequences both negative and positive. A part of the group discussed the prospect of steadily and completely doing away with the textbook form of education.

An important aspect of the discussion was the emphasis on the need to promote self-learning. Various platforms like KG2PRO have emerged on the web, which provides the easy incentive to students for studying on their own. The founder of Careers360, Maheswar Peri, brought forth the importance of learning the right skills that are available on these platforms and lack of the school curriculum. Online courses are also designed in a manner which helps the students in making a clear and informed career choice for the future. The speakers also discussed the ways of spreading digital education to rural and remote areas.

While the session discussed the scope of online education, on the one hand, there were significant viewpoints on the ways for overall improvement in the current system of education.

Responsible learning, engagement, active participation – all three together will create a zeal to learn. The outcome of implementing these three traits will make students responsible learners,” said Dr John N Kalaras, CEO, Quality Training Institute Inc.

The talk focused on the massive challenge of bringing together these three elements. There is a huge scope for improvement in the present education setup of India and it can be bought into action if steps are taken in the right direction.



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