How to get full marks in science?

Science is usually regarded as one of the toughest subjects of all. For all the aspiring engineers and doctors, it is imperative to develop a good understanding of the subject from the very beginning. It is a scoring subject which requires a thorough knowledge of concepts and their practical application along with some problem-solving numerical. Here are some preparatory tips to get full marks in your science examination.

Attending classes

Science is a subject that calls for proper attention during teaching sessions. If you are able to grasp the topics ably in the class, then it will give you a better confidence in solving questions related to them. Make proper notes in the class and ask questions regarding anything that you didn’t understand. The foundation of getting a good score begins with the class explanations.



Preparation and practice

The best tip while preparing for the science exam is to acquaint yourself with the syllabus. Find the topics that appear difficult to you and seek help from your teachers regarding the same. Once you have narrowed down the topics that are harder than others, you can put in extra efforts for them. Understanding the concepts is very important and you have to make sure that you can apply a particular concept or phenomenon in practical problem-solving questions. Practise such application based questions to improvise your understanding of the concepts.

Like Mathematics, there is a need to practise science numerical questions daily. Make a separate notebook for the formulae and keep revising them every day. Your problem-solving will become better with the more number of questions you solve every day.



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Attempting the Question Paper

While appearing in the exam, it is important to keep yourself calm and focused throughout the 3 hours. Attempt all the questions in sequence and write a short note if you are solving any question later. Keep the answer sheet presentation neat and label every diagram neatly. Make sure you answer every question to the point without adding unnecessary details to it.


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