How to Get Full Marks in English in Class 12th?

One of the most scoring subjects of all in 12th boards is the English exam. Students find it easier than most of the subjects. It’s not very hard to get a perfect score in English if you have the right preparation and strategy for the exam. Here is an evaluation of the best tips to prepare and attempt the English exam to score 100 marks.

Practice is the Best Prep

The most progressive way of preparing for a centum in English is practice. You have to improve you writing skills by writing something daily, like an article, a news report, a debate, a speech, or anything else. Practice writing section questions in order to test and enhance your thinking as well as writing skills. It will also better your sentence formation to get you full marks. Make sure you set a pattern for going about a writing section question i.e. make an outline first for all your ideas related to the topic and then go about writing the final piece. When you practice with this method, you’ll find more comfort and speed in attempting the questions during the exam.

Keep Reading

Reading helps you nurture your reading capacity and speed. It also polishes your critical thinking aptitude. The habit of reading will greatly help you in the unseen comprehension section. It is also beneficial for the writing section questions. Reading is the best help when preparing for the English exam.

Write Your Evaluation of Literature

The best way to deal with the Literature section is to jot down everything you understand from a particular text. Read your written material in comparison to the notes given by your teachers and you will be ready with a firm understanding of your syllabus. Attempt questions from previous years’ papers and keep writing material related to every text. This will help you in fetching full marks for the last section.



Solve Question Papers

One of the biggest problems faced by students in the English exam is the paucity of time. Students are unable to find the right amount of time for all the questions and they end up either leaving some questions or not giving their to all questions. Therefore, in order to score full marks, it is necessary that you constantly solve question papers with a timer. Manage your time and fix your strategy to go about the exam beforehand.

Section-wise Tips

Section A (Comprehension passages)
You should read the comprehension twice or thrice and make the notes out of it. Read the questions after your first read of the passage and underline the potential answers on your second read.

Section B (Writing skills)
Students should be well versed with the vocabulary, phrases and quotes. Also, they must follow CODER (Collect, Organise, Draft, Edit, Review) format to score well in this section.

Section C (Literature)
The students must read the questions carefully and answer them accordingly. To have an extra edge over the others, one can always add quotes from the stories relating it with present scenario.


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