Freedom to Shine: A Campaign for Rural Education

The Indian Education system faces deep disparities in the rural and urban literacy. The rural areas, with lack of adequate resources and technological development, are badly suffering in the field of education. Among the many NGOs and CSR organizations that are working to better the education in the ruralities, Genext Students is a one of its kind association. This ed-tech platform was launched in 2013. It changed into a home tutoring platform in 2016.


With the aim to improvise upon the quality of education in the rural areas, Genest Students has launched a campaign named “Freedom to Shine”. The campaign is a well – planned and rigorous effort to educate the students as well as teachers in rural villages.

Background to the program

The team of Genext Students intensively researched for six – months to narrow down to two villages in Raigad district near Mumbai. They opted for these two villages in order to impact rural lives and test their means of tutoring. AliAsgar Kagzi, the co – founder of the organization, was quoted saying, “The solutions for urban India cannot be the same for rural India owing to several on-ground challenges and limitations”. The main motive of developing this campaign is to bring rural education at par with the urban education.


The organization has created the concept of tutorpreneurs that is a combination of tutor and entrepreneurs. These tutorpreneurs are campaigners that are working on a pro bono basis. The selection process for these tutors is careful and rigorous. They are subjected to profile verification, a specially designed language test, and subject proficiency test. The training for these tutors is an ongoing process i.e. they have to keep learning the techniques to teach the children and the teachers.

The Genext Students team helps all the tutorpreneurs with lesson plans, logistics, and travel purposes. They are provided maximum support for contributing to this campaign.

The main work of these tutors is to travel to these villages every week. Their teaching duration is about 6-8 hours. They are also responsible for helping the teachers with new means of learning. They attend skill development workshops in order to enhance their own methods.

Necessity for this rural campaign

There are many infrastructural limitations in the rural education sector. The Genext Students aims at filling these gaps with better facilities for the schools. The co-founder, AliAsgar Kagzi said, “We have designed the course in such a manner that it includes 80% offline and 20% online content.” The campaign is a need of the hour for improvising the education quality in villages. With this campaign, children in rural areas will get their deserving share of education.

The Freedom to shine campaign is an initiative to bring education to the rural areas. Through their sincere efforts, Genext Students wishes to spread education to every doorstep.


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