Free Education to First Girl Born in 2018: Bengaluru

The issue of gender discrimination has been present in the Indian society since times immemorial. The sphere of education isn’t any exception when it comes to discrimination against females. Statistics indicate lack of admissions to school and college of the female child, high drop out rates, and unemployment.

The 21st-century has witnessed hefty feminism in the country to bring parity among the genders in this grave scenario. The government has undertaken many steps such as Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao to ensure educational freedom to the females. Many NGOs are currently working to ensure that education reaches girls living in even the remotest areas of the country. Commendable efforts have been put into eradicating gender discrimination, if not establishing gender equality.



A similar effort against gender discrimination is to be seen in Bengaluru. In an unprecedented event, the Bengaluru Mayor R. Sampath Raj has decided to give free education to the first female baby born in the year 2018 in the city. This is a step to promote education among girls and bring in the much needed change in India’s educational system. As reported, “The first girl child born in the New Year (January 1) through a normal delivery at any civic hospital in the city would get free education up to degree level in a college so that girls are not considered a burden,” the mayor declared.

The baby will be selected through the following process:

The hospital will record the timings of female babies born after December 31 midnight, whosoever will be born in the first hour will be the winner. The reward will be only to the girl child through natural process. “Since a Caesarean-section birth can be induced any time, civic doctors have decided to reward only the girl child born through natural process,” the mayor included.


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