How to Ease through Exam Stress?

One of the major loopholes in the Indian education system is the enormous value attached to exam results. Be it your 10th grade, your 12th boards, your entrance tests, or any exam for that matter, a big load of stress comes along with it. This exam stress can turn out to be fatal in many ways.

Exam stress does not only pressurize a student’s brain but also reduces the ability to score better. It is important to equip yourself from the beginning on how to deal with such anxiety.

Follow a schedule to manage time

One of the most advisable ways of dealing with pressure during or before exams is to work according to a schedule. For most of us, it is easier said than done. But, following a time – table is not as impracticable as it seems. It may be disrupted in the beginning but it is your best chance to deal with pressure. Time management is a vital part of student life. Working with a schedule will help you sort out your priorities and keep you in control of your time.

More studying, more leisure

A prime reason for exam stress build up in students’ minds is avoidance of relaxation activity. While it is important to devote a proper amount of time to studies, it is equally necessary to take a break and spare some time away. Excessive studying can dull your brain’s thinking capacity leading to increased anxiety issues. Students can indulge in outdoor activities, listen to music, read books or blogs, or do anything which is a distraction from studies. If one follows a time – table, then leisure time is easily manageable.


Chuck out exam stress with healthy activities

An essentially imperative measure for escaping the pressure of exams is practising a healthy lifestyle. The benefits of meditations are not unknown to anybody. It not only helps you to be at peace but also boosts your memory, leading you to better scores.

Ten minutes of meditation in the morning or before sleeping in the night can work wonders for your stress management.

Along with meditation, a fit diet will also enable better health to get rid of any strain. Students should ensure eating all the meals on time and taking proper in – betweens if and when required. Sleep is another significant aspect which should not be overlooked. Proper sleep facilitates proper concentration and learning power.


Study devotedly

A principal reason for facing exam stress is not studying qualitatively, but only quantitatively. A common misconception among students is that better marks are obtained only when one studies for 18-20 hours. Debunking this myth, every student has to focus on the quality of learning instead of the hours dedicated. Every person has a different sitting capacity and not being able to sit and study for 18-20 hours can induce stress. Instead, you should consider studying devotedly for 10 minutes rather than studying just for the sake of it for 10 hours.

Communication is the best therapy

The ultimate means of reducing exam stress is to communicate with as many people as you can. Talking to friends and family can help you in minimizing your anxiety levels while also augmenting your confidence. But, it is also important to address that your communication is limited to positivity.


On the whole, dealing with pressure during exams can be a tough job. But, every cloud has a silver lining. Every student can follow these steps to get away with stress and earn the best marks.


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