Delhi University Contemplating Aptitude Test for Students From Boards Other Than CBSE

The University of Delhi consists of some of the most coveted colleges in India. Due to its high name, admissions to the DU are usually very competitive. Students from all over the country enrol themselves into the 77 institutions in the North and South campus of the university.

The race to getting admission in DU is going to be a notch tougher for the students from state and ICSE/ISC boards in the coming years. The university administration is currently in the process of considering conducting an aptitude test for students from boards other than the CBSE. This proposal is yet to be finalized. The admission committee is looking for a way to tackle the problem of disparity in the marking patterns of various education boards and they think aptitude test is a good idea.

Delhi University, till now, has conducted entrance examinations for some selected few colleges. Conducting entrance examination for over 3 lakh students would be a tough task for the University. In order to organize an aptitude test every year, there is a need for immense manpower and infrastructure. This is seen as a hurdle in the university’s above-discussed plan.


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