Class 8 KV Students and Teachers to Study via Tablets

The Indian government’s contribution to education is through the state-run schools, Kendriya Vidyalaya. There are a lot of KVs spread across the length and breadth of the country. The government, in its mission to revolutionize the Indian education system through the digital means, has decided on providing tablets to KV students.

The plan is to provide tablets to 5000 students from different KVs across the country. The scheme is aimed at students in grade 8. This plan will help the students learn mathematics and science in its pilot stage.

This scheme will impact both the student and the teaching community. These tablets are in-built with a kind of software that will help the students learn through modules and assist the teachers in tracking every student’s progress. This is a multi – device management software that will enable a large scale access to all. The teachers can keep a check on the students’ use of the gadget, thereby, avoiding any misuse. These tablets have already blocked social media websites to avoid misuse.



A KV official was reported saying that the students will receive these gadgets free of cost. They will use these tablets till class 12 and keep it with themselves after graduating from school. The plan will be implemented in any one of the KVs in all 25 educational zones of the country. The HRD ministry has selected these schools for initiating the scheme.

Purpose of the project

“The idea is to ensure they not only access the reading material online, but they can also submit their assignments for online evaluation. It will become easier for teachers to evaluate them as tests will be conducted using the tablets so they don’t need to spend time checking their copies. The company that provided the tablets was asked to install the management system so that we can actually find out what exactly are the students using it for,” said a senior official.

The government has already started delivering these tablets to various KVs. The main motive of the project is to bring about a change in the conservative chalk-and-talk system of schooling. This scheme will help students lighten their heavy bags and study digitally. Their interest and dedication is also supposed to be increased. Simultaneously, it will help the teachers educate better and assess well.

The pilot project’s outcome will determine the future of this scheme. It is aimed at modifying the quality of education at government schools. If the project is successful in bringing about positive change, then the HRD ministry will increase its area of scope.


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