How to Choose Career Options After Class 12

Class 12th is regarded as the deciding stage of an individual’s career. You need to take the decisions regarding your career after passing 12th grade. There are various career options to pursue and sometimes, it can be difficult to choose just the right one. Most of the times, this indecision is a result of lack of proper information about the available options.

Here is a detailed analysis of the career options one can pursue after class 12th along with some tips on how to choose the right one.

Professional Courses

Professional courses in the fields of engineering, commerce, IT, medicine, hotel management, law, agriculture, business administration, and more are a great option to pursue after class 12th. Admission to these courses involves clearing an entrance test and any further selection process. Professional courses ensure a direct job placement after the completion of the programme, most of which last for 3-5 years.

You can choose to enrol yourself in any of the professional courses if you wish to make a career in the field. This choice has to be made according to your stream in class 12th. But many courses are all-inclusive like hotel management and many of them do not depend on prior subject choices like legal studies. This option rests on the fact that you wish to get placed in a company right after graduation and do not want to change the path for your career development.

Academic degree

There are two kinds of academic degrees available: honours and pass-course. Courses such as BA Honours, B.Com Honours, B.Sc Honours, BCA, etc. do not provide you with the incentive to get a direct placement. These courses are, however, significant in building your academic qualification to help you with future career prospects. For instance, in order to become a teacher or a professor for a particular subject, you should have academic degrees of Bachelors’, Masters’, and PhD in that subject.

The career options after pursuing an academic degree are many. You can go into professions such as content writing, journalism, cinema, teaching, finance, digital marketing, and others. This option is suitable for the students who have different plans for their career and wish to pursue a passion for their graduate studies.



Vocational Courses

A huge scope is visible in various vocational fields such as travel and tourism, music, art, photography, event management, etc. Students who wish to build a career in such fields that they are skilled in can enrol in vocational courses such as a diploma. There are a number of options to choose from.

Students can either choose to pursue a full-fledged vocational training in their chosen field or continue with a side vocational course along with their main graduation programme. For the former, it will be helpful in gaining hands-on experience along with theoretical knowledge. It will also increase the prospect of landing at a job in the desired industry. For the latter, you will have the certificate to show your skill in the particular field so as to pursue it in the future. Both the options are helpful in the case of choosing vocational courses after class 12th.

Entrance examinations

A lot of students choose to prepare themselves for certain entrance examinations such as CSE, CLAT, JEE, NEET, Bank PO, and others. This is one of the most common career options in today’s education world. Due to the huge following for this option, it is also becoming out-dated with time. Nonetheless, appearing for entrance tests is a suitable option for the students who wish to make a career in that specific field.



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