Career Options After 12th Arts

A subject choice like Arts promises immense career opportunities due to the vastness of its scope in the professional world. Students with arts in class 12 have a variety of options to pursue their higher education. Sometimes, it can be difficult to choose just the right course to start building your career in the chosen field. Some other times, there is an uncertainty about the choice of subject to expand into a career. This article provides a detailed analysis of all the options one can explore after passing 12th grade with arts.

Professional Courses

There are some programmes that allow you to get a job straight after completing your graduation. These are the professional courses that are job-oriented and prepare your skills for the field right from the beginning. Some of the professional courses you can pursue after 12th Arts are:

Journalism and Mass Communication

With a bachelors’ degree in journalism and mass communication, you get the option to enter into multiple industries such as advertising, public relations, business marketing, anchoring, and more. This course is very popular among arts students since it offers a variety and depth of job options for career development.

Hotel Management

Another commonly chosen professional course is hotel management. The course offers a gateway to the rapidly growing tourism industry and it promises much scope worldwide. With a bachelors’ degree in this subject, you get to explore various job options. It is a package course with multiple theory and practical subjects.

Fashion Design

Students with a knack for fashion and garment production can choose to get a bachelors’ degree in fashion designing. It is a fast developing sector and provides much scope for career progression. Designing as a career is gaining momentum in the present world and it is a great option to earn fame in your field.

Bachelors’ of Education

Another fundamental professional course for 12th arts students is bachelors’ in education. You can develop your career as a teacher or professor with this degree. It is a common choice among students.



Academic Courses

There are certain courses which are pursued for an academic degree and knowledge enhancement. These courses do not offer a direct job option. But, they help you to work towards your career goal. A bachelors’ of arts degree in the subject of your choice can aid you with career progression in the future. Bachelors’ in Fine Arts and an integrated law course are also some options which can be explored in the form of an academic degree.

Diploma Programmes

A diploma is a certificate or deed issued by an educational institution, such as college or university that testifies that the recipient has successfully completed a particular course of study. Diplomas and advanced diplomas are useful in providing career development in a particular field such as literature, performing arts, visual arts, culinary arts, and more. Many students who are not particularly academically strong choose to pursue diplomas after finishing high school. There are various subjects one can choose for a diploma, some of the most common of which are event management, theatre, entrepreneurship, interior designing, music, arts, catering, choreography, etc.


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