The biggest dilemma ever – Science, Arts or Commerce?

“Konsa stream lia hai beta?

The most dreaded question faced by the students who have given their class 10 examinations and are about to choose a stream which will determine the rest of their life. Not only parents but the whole society puts so much pressure on the shoulder of a mere teenager who has no experience regarding life.  Relatives who never bothered are now busy providing advice to these kids. Science, Commerce or Arts- What will it be?


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In India, stream selection is done by our marking system rather than the student. Good marks equal to a career in Science or Commerce while the rest will be packed off to the Arts section. In most of the cases , the wish of the student is taken for granted. Everyone is more bothered about the age old idea that has been put into our brains. Instead of putting them in such a vulnerable position , parents as well as teachers should guide them throughout the process.

Here are some tips on how to deal with the whole scary situation that one faces:

  • Keep your calm

CALM DOWN! I know it’s not easy to be a teenager these days but no decision can be taken in a disorganized manner. In order to organize stuff   around you you need to get a grip on yourself. Try to stay away from all sort of negativity.


  • Know your options


You should have a thorough knowledge about the stream that you will choose. Don’t take any decision hastily. Give it some time.One must be realistic while making a choice regarding streams after 10th. Do proper research about each of the stream. 


  • Play to your strengths


The foremost criterion is to select a stream which is your you know everything you need to know about your personality, aptitude and strengths. Often students show an inclination towards a particular stream because of what other people have decided for them. Don’t do that. Your decision will affect your whole life and you need to take control of your life. 


  • Identify your area of passion

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive!'” – Maya Angelou 

Passion is what drives you towards your goal. Selecting a stream which will stimulate your area of passion will drive you towards your goal. If you feel you are good at something , take a chance. 


  • Talk to practicing professionals


There are several educational counselors who can provide you with the details  that you need and pave your career in front of you.  If not them, talk to your teachers. They have experience in this field and they know your forte . You can also ask your seniors who can share their experience with you.

No stream can be named as the best as there are no shortcuts to success. It is YOU who has to choose a stream and make the best of it. 


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