Best Career Oriented Courses After 12th Arts

Humanities, an important albeit overlooked stream for higher education, offers a multitude of options for degree courses. A student from arts can go on to choose from a wide range of courses in college. There are several career – oriented courses available for a humanities student. From field specialization to integrated courses, students have the choice of varied programs. Here is a list of top five courses that are career – oriented after 12th arts.


Bachelor of Arts

The foremost and most popular choice for an arts student is the Bachelor of Arts program. It is a three years degree. This course offers specialization in the chosen subject. Some of the common subject choices for BA are:

  • English
  • Psychology
  • Political Science
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • History
  • Sociology
  • Philosophy
  • Hindi

In India, BA courses are offered by both government and private colleges. The course trains the student in the chosen subject. The future option is an MA degree. This program is suitable for jobs in teaching sector, government sector, private jobs, etc.

Journalism and Mass Communication

Another interesting and career – oriented graduation program for humanities students is journalism and mass communication. This course has immense scope in primarily the media sector, along with cinema as a secondary option. It is also a three – year course and offered by private and government institutes. Several colleges also offer certificate and diploma courses for the subject.

Job opportunities for the course have increased with the boost in digital marketing. Brands are eager to create and spread their online presence. JMC graduates have the option of grabbing a job for such brands. Media houses are no doubt the best career option for these graduates.



Hotel Management

An emerging course which is both career – oriented and fast growing is hotel management. With the enhancement of the Indian tourism industry, a hotel management graduate is likely to land up with a great career. The course is not so common as yet and is available in premier private colleges and a few government institutes. Diplomas are available in this subject.

This course lasts for duration of three years. It is package program which teaches the students the essential skills of communication, management, accounting, foreign languages along with food production, housekeeping, marketing, and office operations. With a degree in hotel management, a graduate is sure to get a great career in the field.




A popular course choice for students interested in law is the integrated course BA LLB. The program lasts for five years and is available in both government and private colleges. The main focus of the course is on law subjects. But the secondary part also teaches the students BA subjects like English, History, Economics, Sociology, etc.

The course has the most scope in legal profession. Students can go on to choose between an advocate and a judge. The course requires internships under lawyers and practical assignments. It is an exciting choice of subject.

Event Management

A growing service sector industry is that of event management. India’s development has resulted in an augmented standard of living. This is best seen in the kind of events that are organized in the Indian society. People hire managing firms to host their parties and functions. A leading industry like this offers much scope to graduates.

A degree in event management holds a promising career for young graduates. This course is not that popular and therefore, available only in some private institutes. Diploma and certificate courses are also offered for the course.


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