29 New Govt Women Colleges in 2018: Haryana Government

The government of Haryana has decided to open new government women colleges at 29 locations in the state this year. With this, Haryana will have such colleges at a distance of every 20 km. This project is, in fact, to improve upon the available higher education facilities for the female section of the society.

It is not an unknown fact that the treatment of females in the state of Haryana has always been undignified. With the course of time, the situation has upgraded a little. But there still remains enormous scope for improvement especially in the case of changing people’s mindset. Education has been a distant dream for girls in the state and today, the government is concentrating its efforts to recover from this degrading scenario.




The government has decided to take every necessary step for the empowerment of women, strengthening of infrastructure and industry, and welfare of farmers and youth. With this scheme, the objective of providing easy access to education to all young girls is expected to be fulfilled. The scheme was launched on National Youth Day during the chief minister’s address as the chief guest for an event. It will work towards the enhancement of the qualitative education while also improvising the quantity factor for girls’ education.

Mr.Manohar Lal said that after opening women’s police station in each district of the state, now it was proposed to open such police stations in all sub-divisions. The chief minister was quoted saying, “The aim of my regime is to ensure 30 per cent representation to women in the state police force to effectively deal with crime against women.”

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