How to Deal with Exam Stress?

Dealing with the tension of exams can be a tedious task. It can prove to be dangerous if you don’t relieve your body and mind and continue to live in stress during examinations. Continuous study schedule is also adverse for your health.

Here are some tips to help you deal with exam stress.


Music Therapy

Listening to music can be a great therapy to relieve stress related to exams. Taking a 30-minute break to sit down or dance along some music, whichever genre you like, can be very helpful in relaxing the mind and body. Musicals are regarded as one of the best ways of handling the pressure of continuous studies. It can not only calm your mind but also facilitate better learning and memory retention capacity.
Enjoy a good musical break between study sessions to enhance your learning and burst stress.



Proper Sleep

It is very important to get proper sleep amidst a heavy study schedule. Sleeping gives your brain and body the right amount of rest to continue with planned studies. Continuous studies can strain your eyes, muscles, limbs, and also burden your mind with a lot of stress. Sleeping at proper intervals allows you to provide complete rest to all your senses. It will augment your studying capacity and relieve any physical pain.
Take uniform short naps between study sessions and get a good 6-8 hour sleep at least once in a day.

Healthy Food

A healthy diet is the most essential part of an exam preparation schedule. You should eat as many fruits as you can during all times of the day. Do not skip or forget to take your meals. Keep good snacks with you during study sessions. Food items like chocolate enhance your memory and also help in relieving study stress. Students also get hunger pangs as a result of exam stress. Food will help in reducing stress and exam-related anxiety. Drinking good amounts of water is also recommended for a proper exam routine.

Outdoor Activities

Going outdoors is as necessary for exam preparation as is the need to sit and study. Continuous sitting and staying indoors can affect the brain adversely. It is imperative to change your surroundings for increasing your focus and concentration. Your body will also benefit from going outdoors once in a while. Go for a car ride or take a walk in the garden or have a fun play, all outdoor activities will work positively for your study schedule. Any change from your routine study schedule will help in dealing with the building exam stress.


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